The brand

MACRĒZ  started as a thesis project developed at the University of Monterrey on spring 2012 by Miguel Macías, under the slogan: “my dress, my way”.

Born with a pro-active and eco-friendly philosophy to create sustainable fashion, MACRĒZ has not only been created with the sole consideration to the environmental and social impact of fashion, but with the search of the client satisfaction through the design of exclusive and personalized designs.

MACRĒZ has its inspiration, and is aimed, to all genders; to those that doesn’t give up on their self-esteem. To the person who rules the world and not ruled by it.

Having its basis in Haute Couture, MACRĒZ takes those High Fashion elements into the Prêt-à-porter (Ready to Wear) clothing line.

MACRĒZ  has been breaking international boundaries to become a worldwide renowned Fashion Brand.